Life is Priceless

by Mandychu May. 31, 2009 7339 views

Good to see Zippy was adopted on 29th May
(picture by Max)

Blanco is adopted this afternoon, congratulations!

She is Laura, she is the one who adopted Onion (L) and Tamsin

This bulldog named Sugar (aka Gertrude), was adopted by this lady last August

This little girl Celine raised money for HKDR by baking cakes and sold them to her neighbours. Today she comes with her brother Nicholas and presents the donation to HKDR, so sweet ~~

Bottom is a very sweet Corgi, she goes to a foster home this morning

New arrived Lab crossed named Belinda

New arrived Bichon Frise named Frizzy

New arrived Pekingese named Smurf

Oh, Santa, you have new hair coming out from your body! Now you are happy and looking great :D

and also knows how to enjoy life

Daffy and Petun: Alice, we know you have passed the exam and now is an official dog trainer, please come back and adopt us lar!

28th May: Mui Wo visit.
3 dogs were patiently waiting their owner to come back from work at the pier, they were so happy when they saw this ship was coming near by, then we knew their owner was on this ship

We visited Dr. Joe's clinic and this Cocker Spaniel Asha, she was taken from NT shelter and is staying at Okka's home

She is Okka, she and Dr. Joe always rescue so many dogs and help them to find a home

30th May: Studio shooting with Ali Bullock at Wanchai, this is Amber

This is Biba, these puppies really need a home

Kitty with her babies, especially the left one Bibi (aka Storm)

Our celebrity dog Renee

Yucca with her daughter and Arlo

It was my privilege to picture with Lisa and Renee

Who said mongrels worth nothing?

Available puppies at WNP: This is Jerry

She is Diana

This is Happy

Also this one Dylan

Can anyone give them a home?

She is Sophie

Pictures to remember our long-term volunteer Bambi, who lost his battle and passed away on 30th May.
(this picture was taken on 1st Oct last year)

This picture was taken at the Peak to Fong event, he was a very nice person and always willing to help, that is why he got so many friends, we all miss you and wish you rest in peace Bambi

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Vivian Chan 8 years, 4 months ago

bambi is much missed. even in his bad times, he thought of the dogs and HKDR. he has asked friends to make donations to HKDR instead of sending flowers to his funeral.

tamsin looks so much happier now. she is like a different dog. i'm very happy for her. biba looks like a fluffy badger! happy has got the name right. check out amber's nails.

8 years, 4 months ago Edited
Lynda 8 years, 4 months ago

Great set. Good luck to all the dogs and puppies needing a home.

8 years, 4 months ago Edited
Norma L. 8 years, 4 months ago

We will miss Uncle Bambi. He's such a nice and funny man.

Those three dogs at Mui Wo are always there for the owner every afternoon~ I see them every time I walked to the Pier area. Oh and did you manage to see Scruffy?

8 years, 4 months ago Edited