Goodbye Wan Chai Dog Park :(

by Mandychu January. 17, 2010 12913 views

This puppy is adopted at WNP this afternoon, they will name him Bear, haha!

I take this happy ending picture at Wanchai Dog Park this afternoon. The small dog on the right was adopted from HKDR about five days ago

Wow, the puppies in the kennels are so lovely!

Bonita is enjoying her pork bones from Alex

Marmalade was returned because the apartment is “No dogs allowed”! We were all very happy for this long termer was able to go home but she came back because of people's fault!

Angie takes Lox out and he loves treats!

This is the ‘brick’ at WNP. HKDR is moving to Tung Chung before the end of March, so please buy a brick to support and help the dogs to move.

For those who have bought the ‘brick’, your named will be shown at the bottom of the card and will be sticked on the wall

After the short visit to WNP, I have to go to Wanchai Dog Park. I need to help SPCA to take pictures for the ‘Goodbye Pet Park’ event.

Due to redevelopment, this dog park will be closed on 27th January.

This is my favourite stand. It tells you how to treat your pets correctly.

Oh, I love mongrels :)

Hey, good to see Maggie!!! JoJo is fostering her and she takes Maggie out for walk in this park almost everyday

She is artiest Elaine Ho, I feel so touched by her sharing on the stage. She has had nine dogs before and all lived over 14 years. She says most of the people who don't want a pet because they will feel so sad when losing it. But the truth is if you take care of the pets in their whole lives, it is such a blessing for them to having you to be their owners. She encourages people don't only feel sad but remember there are so many homeless animals need our help. That is so true!!!

Yesterday, we went hiking in Sai Kung again.
This is the 2nd time we went here. This is Sai Wan.

Dogs: Wow, beach !!!!!

Five dogs loved being here

He is Arlo, first time here and he was overjoyed!

I love this place so much and plan to go there at least once a month :)

Actually Arlo didn't like swimming and he preferred sand mask and sunbath :P

Then we kept hiking and going to the 2nd beach

This is Tai Long Wan. It has three beaches and we went to the first one.

Dogs: Run! Run! ……..

The Beagles never got tired to play the ball

This is Sharp Peak, shall we try this next time?

My boy also loved the sand scratching and mask

Clever people can think of this way to build up the empty bottles wall


This is a 4 hours hike and we were so happy for Yucca coz Arlo made it!

Remember a cat I found in the construction site and was fostering by Yanki? He was homed yesterday and this is his private corner in his new home! Congratulations Curry boy!!!!

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Varun Rajaram 7 years, 9 months ago

Great shots! Especially the ones on the beach.

7 years, 9 months ago Edited
Euphen Wong 7 years, 9 months ago

oh so happy for Curry Boy!!!!! what a lovely play corner~ he is a prince now~

7 years, 9 months ago Edited
Miclaud 7 years, 9 months ago

Beautiful serie!

7 years, 9 months ago Edited
Gapes 7 years, 9 months ago

#28 :)))))

7 years, 9 months ago Edited
Kathy Z. 7 years, 9 months ago

Like your #27 shot. That is interesting!

7 years, 9 months ago Edited