A Busy Sunday

by Mandychu February. 28, 2010 6929 views

I am not able to go to the kennels today coz I need to go to Happy Valley to help taking pictures for the annual ‘Walk for Harmony’ by Animals Asia

Animals Asia Foundation's Walk for Harmony is a fundraising event for their Dr Dog and Professor Paws programmes. Since the programme started, AAF has witnessed the dogs changing many lives. For example, two patients - an autistic child and a man suffering from senile dementia - who had not spoken in years, began to speak after several visits from the dogs, amazing!!!

He is one of Jill's dogs Eddie. Eddie was a original rescued dog from a Guangzhou meat market in 2001, now he is also a Dr. Dog and help showing the power of animal therapy!

I also see so many dogs were adopted from HKDR. She is Sandy and her dog Sam.

Rollo and Japser :)

Beautiful Collies

Before starting the walk, Jill gives a short speech and tells us the goal for her this year is to tell people don't buy any fur. Fur trim is as cheap as chips, which is why it's available everywhere. You see it on collars, hoods and cuffs, on hair bands, mobile phone accessories and funny animal ornaments–everywhere. And always the story is the same, with the buyers being mortified that it's real–and could be fox, mink, dog, cat or rabbit.

The walk is about one hour and walk outside of the racecourse

Jasper's daddy just gave him a haircut at WnP yesterday before the weather is getting too hot.

Gorgi: Hey mom…….

Can I take a rest?

This bulldog is praying: God, please help me to finish the walk soon and the weather won't be too hot, Amen!

OK mom, I am ready!

Candice and Hazel with their babies ~~
L to R: Maxi Moon Bear, Rory, Bob (both Rory and Rob were rescued by Hazel from the woods near her village), Zoe (Was rescued from Dog Island by Sai Kung Stray Friends) & Zara (was rescued from HKDR)

Kitty and Linda also join the walk with their dogs.

After the AAF walk, I go with Angela to watch the The Standard Chartered Marathon at Causeway Bay.

Grover is also one of the marathon fans, hehe

This Chihuahua is adopted at WnP this afternoon.

Tickle goes to the WnP and he is settling very well. His new playmate is Banka :)

Updates of the ‘brick’

We did hiking at Sai Kung again yesterday. This time we tried the MacLehose 4 trail. This is the starting point and with Chinese pronunciation of the name of the MacLehose, so funny!

This walk is a bit difficult than the Tai Long Wan one but still have some elderly and kids love to walk.

Mostly the walk is not concrete floor and quite rocky, but I like it :)

This is Pyramid Hill and Denvy can finish running up and down with Milkshake within 30 mins!

Beautiful view all the way and we can see the panoramic view of Sai Kung from the top.

9 people and 9 dogs this time and we took 3.5 hours to finish it.

Back to the Sai Kung Town, we saw a small adoption day from Sai Kung Stray Friends. Dedex your dogs, be a responsible owner, YES!

They told me most of the dogs are found strays.

Sai Kung is a very good place to have dogs, hope more people will adopt them!

My boy had his 1st hair cut this year yesterday, not bad hah?

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Euphen Wong 7 years, 6 months ago

Handsome Porkchop! He looks absolutely fresh with the new haircut. So happy to see Jasper being cared for with his new family. Is he in the same family as Rollo?

7 years, 6 months ago Edited
Alexandra Yeong 7 years, 6 months ago

Porkchop looks especially cute with his haircut. #12 is so cute too.

7 years, 6 months ago Edited
Angelita Flores 7 years, 6 months ago

Love Porkchop haircut he is so handsome.

7 years, 6 months ago Edited
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