Happy Moment

by Mandychu January. 23, 2011 9173 views

Jan 21st is Linda Lau's birthday. She invited her friends to get together for a hot pot dinner.

Linda's partents and group of us had a great great time!

We bought Linda some Chinese birthday buns, it was so yummy and the shop steamed for us without charging :D

Jan 23rd, a small group of us did a very challenging hike - Pak Sin Leng.

We started our walk at Edward Youde Memorial Pavilion.

The sky was very clear on that day and we could see the urban maze of Shenzhen

We had to hike more than 2 hrs to get to Pak Sin Leng. Steep but the view is stunning!

We reached Wong Leng and Lai Pek shan on the way before challenging the eight crests of the Pak Sin Leung range.

Killy, you overjoyed too early lar, we even didn't reach Pak Sin Leng yet!

We needed to hike over different mountains before reached to Pak Sin Leng.

Endless route……

Donny and Lemondrop were so happy :D

This walk has no streams for the dogs, so we had to bring lots of water and food/snacks.

I love this view for the ridge behind us, let's take a picture!!

Superwomen Wing and Denvy :D

Well done you Julie and Donny!!

Now we reached Pak Sin Leng. We stopped there and took a lunch break.

haha, Donny was not even taking a break ….. but a nap!

Pak Sin Leng - the eight monumental peaks are named after the Eight Fairies in Chinese mythology.

The blue arrow indicates which peaks we are on now.

Pak Sin Leng with frequent ascents and descents so the level of difficulty is quite high.

We reached to the 4th peaks.

Happy moment ~~

Although the walk is quite challenging, but the trail receives many visitors on weekends and public holidays.

This is also part of Wilson Trail Stage 9 and 10.

Keep going keep going…..

We nearly there…….

One more to go…..

Done! Hsien Ku fung rises 511 metres above the lowlands, it offers an excellent angle of vista. It also the site of a tragic hillfire in 1996 during which a school party met dire fate in Monkey Cliff on the south face from here.

These two superwomen finished so quick, when we reached to the bottom, they were sleeping lol

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