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This is Tai Po Kau walk. It contains four different distance routes.

This is the map of the walk. These four walks bascially are big circle and in different colours.

We started the walk here :)

We tried brown and blue walk and the trail with lots of trees around.

Good boy Boogie followed Helen closely.

Boogie enjoyed Helen's scratching :)

Oh, Boogie allowed strangers to be touched, I think he really loves to walk outside.

Sometimes it is not easy to get everybody to look at the camera lol

This walk starts from Yung Shue O.

This walk with stream for the dogs, nice!

This walk joins part of MacLehose Trail Stage 3, a bit difficult.

We walked to Cheung Sheung and it has a restaurant for us to take a break.

It walk takes about 2 hours and it is a very nice walk.

The distance post with M means MacLehose Trail.

This walk starts from Sha Lo Tung.

We walked from Sha Lo Tung to Fung Yuen.

This is Sha Lo Tung Village. Most of the people have moved out to the city and only a very old man and a Hakka restaurant still remains in there.

This is Bagle's spa, he loves to go here especially in Summer.

It was a rainy day but so appreciate Heather still took Pinto from the kennels to join us.

It also has a route to go our lovely Pat Sin Lang, hehe ~~

This is Hok Tau Reservoir and the view here is so pretty.

It is a short walk takes less than two hours. After the walk we went to a famous HK style tea restaurant Lotus Cafe at Sheung Shui to try their yummy pork chop bun.

This walk starts from Tai Mo Shan Country Park.

We did this walk called Kap Lung Forest Trail.

From Kap Lung to Lui Kung Tin only takes about an hour.

This whole walk is going down hill to the ends, not too easy though.

End of this walk with a super delicious dessert shop with mango and milk pudding.

A biker came to Pinto to pet her, so sweet.

Kids are welcomed to feed their tortoises.

This restaurant is also dogs friendly, very nice gar!

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