what the angel awaits,even the god doesn't knows...

by Manish Sidhu May. 11, 2012 2007 views

Your time on this earth was to short.
With danger you never did consort.
You were everything that is good.
I know you would have stayed if you could.
You brought peace and love.
You were as sweet and beautiful as the whitest of doves.
But you were never ours to keep.
Now we can only see you when we sleep.
You were an angel in waiting.
Your magic and light god was still creating.
You learned whatever lesson you needed to learn.
And now for you our hearts burn.
But I know if I call out.
I can feel you fluttering about.
I know I can no longer see your face.
But if I'm quiet and still I can feel you in that space.
Oh my sweet angel in waiting how we miss you.
But your job was done and away you flew.
Now all we have are memories of you in this place.
And how you lived with honor and grace.
So we will follow your example.
Someday when we have finished,
the fruits of heaven we will also sample.
Thank you for sharing your light.It still burns bright.

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