Little wonders

by Magdalena Zet December. 15, 2020 183 views

Back in the old times when I was a language teacher, I once had a brilliant idea - at least that's what I thought at the time - for a lesson warm-up exercise: I asked my students (a group of adults) to think about 2 nice things that they had experienced during the previous week and then to share them with others.

I really didn't expect the final result - or... the lack of result to be precise. The group had a really big problem with this exercise and it wasn't in any way connected with their lack of language skills. They simply couldn't find a lot in their minds, which they considered to be worth-telling.

After that situation, out of sheer curiosity, I tried the same question with many different students with various skills and in various age groups. I started to give some hints and saying that they can talk about some small and "every-day" things. To my amazement, lots of people still had problem with this task.

So here comes the question? Why is it like that? Why do we tend not to notice the small nice things, the little wonders? Is is the question of some skills and talents - or maybe just will and practise?

I guess I would prefer the second option to be true and I really think it's more likely to be. ;) And if that's right - it's kinda good news, isn't it? Because in this way we can choose what we focus on and what we notice the most - and we can change the habits of our perception. :)

The flowers from this post aren't any special flowers in a botanic garden or any important gift from a loving person. They are just random flowers which I spotted on a windowsill of a guesthouse in which I stayed a few years ago during tai-chi workshops. They weren't important at all, but... they were there and they were pretty! :) And that was enough to make them little wonders for these few days and to become great models for a few photos. :)

I love finding little wonders around me! :)

Where do you find yours? :)

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