White House Photo Essay

by Uncle Marx January. 19, 2017 350 views

January 18th (18/365)

In September last year I was lucky enough to visit the White House during a work related stint in Washington DC. This was during what we now know was the end of an era. As the inauguration comes up, I thought I'd share some of the shots I took during my visit. Hopefully I'll get to go back across future administrations. 

Washington Memorial viewed from the White House I

Loving the Louis XV style furniture. I wish I could remember the historical context of this here room but unfortunately I can't. :(

Cheer up JFK - It might never happen! (Although we know it did)

JFK's official portrait by Aaron Shikler. Painted after his death, the artist took inspiration from a photo of Teddy Kennedy mourning at JFK's funeral. 

State Dining Room

Where the magic happens.

Washington Memorial viewed from the White House II


Yours truly. 

Asked someone else to shoot - hence the terrible picture (selfie sticks aren't allowed in the White House)


This room probably won't get much use in the coming years

State dining room selfie

When I took this selfie I was sure that I'd make it back to sit at this table with President Clinton one day during the next 8 years. How wrong I was. Well - maybe President Chelsea Clinton eh? Forward.

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