Ol Pejeta Conservancy Photo Essay

by Uncle Marx January. 30, 2017 465 views

Destination Reached. Ol Pejeta Conservancy. 90,000 acres of Savannah grassland and wilderness. I've been living in Kenya for 18 months and I'm ashamed to say this is my first serious road-trip into nature of the land-based variety. The following is a compilation of my favorite shots from the trip.

January 22nd (22/365)

Big Horn Chillin'

Pictured is our trusty work-horse, an Isuzu Bighorn aptly named Buffalo (Soldier). We ran this thing for 15 hours straight and only then did it begin to overheat mildly. In my experience to date, nothing that has come out of Detroit or Stuttgart can compare in terms of reliability and ruggedness.  In the background is the vastness of Ol Pejeta conservancy. Shot with iPhone 6.

January 22nd (22/365)

When you've been told 'sorry not tonight' / 'jog on' / (insert other rejection) by the bouncer, but he and the birds are still watching so you need to keep your chin up and swagger on as you make your way

A zebra trots away from a watering hole in Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Nanyuki, Kenya. A group of zebras had been drinking at the watering hole but quickly vacated as a group of Cape Buffalo approached it. One of the 'Big Five', the Cape Buffalo are notorious for their terrible temper and considered extremely dangerous. They gore and kill over 200 people annually.  Nicknames include the 'Black Death' and 'Widowmaker'. Smart Zebra. Shot with Nikon D3200.

Big ol' Beardy Bawwwwsssss. Kind of reminds me of someone actually. :)

A Lion and lioness catching some rest in the shade. Kenya has the highest density of lions in the wild on the African continent. To find this pair, we snuck off the track off road into the bush. Shot with Nikon D3200 at a distance of about 4m (12ft), with the window down. Had either lunged at me - I would probably be an internet sensation / fail-blog star. ;) 

Running into the week like...8-)

A Superb Starling runs past a similarly colored pillow at Morani's Restaurant in the conservancy.

The Squad when a random shows up to your house party and changes the music to Drake :)

A group of Warthogs looks on at the strange visitors, undoubtedly wondering what they want.

When you know every woman at the party biblically...so you're not sure if you should go :P

A territorial male Waterbuck surveys the herd.

When you spot a short breh and wonder if his life is ok - ;)

A giraffe towers over a couple of Zebras.

Lumbering through the weekend like...#rhinos :) 

A trio of White Rhinos and accompanying Egrets make their way across the plains. The white rhinoceros is the largest of the five species of rhinoceros. It weighs slightly more on average than a hippo despite a considerable mass overlap between these two species. It has a massive body and large head, a short neck and broad chest. Males average about 2,300 kg (5,100 lb) and are heavier than the female, at an average of about 1,700 kg (3,700 lb).

The Egret and Rhino enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The Egret cleans the Rhino by eating ticks and other parasites that live on it. It also serves to warn of the early approach of predators due to the Rhino's nearsightedness. In this manner both organisms benefit.

Elephant Tingz

Ok - that's all for now. 

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