Charyn Canyon

by Marieke April. 24, 2017 485 views

This Saturday we took a bus tour to Charyn Canyon, a national park close to Chinese border. It was a three hour drive with a Russian speaking guide, but definitely worth it! Although with a length of 90 kilometres this canyon is much smaller than the Grand Canyon in the US, I think it looks equally impressive.

I love these semi-English signs. Not sure what would happen if you write on the rocks...

After walking through the canyon, we ate our lunch by the river. The rain was getting worse, so it was nice to have a place to shelter. We weren't really prepared for this weather and we were freezing!

After lunch, we followed our group up the mountains, where we walked around for a couple of hours. At some points the climb was quite scary, especially with the heavy rain and strong winds, but we survived. And the views were spectacular!

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