Arriving to Istanbul

by Leena Kauppinen April. 13, 2010 3640 views

We flied two years ago from Helsinki to Istanbul for starting a cruise Istanbul - Safranbolu - Yalta - Odessa - Constanta - Istanbul.

These photos are taken from through a bus window.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, where we will go later.

She / he was waiting in a pedestrian crossing as any of us.

We walked a little before going to our ship, which was our hotel during this journey.
This Serpent Column [] has a very interesting history.
Wikipedia tells:“The Serpent Column (Turkish, Yılanlı Sütun) — also known as the Serpentine Column, Delphi Tripod or Plataean Tripod — is an ancient bronze column at the Hippodrome of Constantinople (known as Atmeydanı ”Horse Square“ in the Ottoman period) in what is now Istanbul, Turkey. It is part of an ancient Greek sacrificial tripod, originally in Delphi and relocated to Constantinople by Constantine I the Great in 324. The serpent heads of the 8-meter high column remained intact until the end of the 17th century (one is on display at the nearby Istanbul Archaeology Museums)”.

Obelisk of Theodosius [].

The obelisk was first set up by Tutmoses III (1479–1425 BC) to the south of the seventh pylon of the great temple of Karnak. The Roman emperor Constantius II (337-361 AD) had it and another obelisk transported along the river Nile to Alexandria to commemorate his ventennalia or 20 years on the throne in 357. The other obelisk was erected on the spina of the Circus Maximus in Rome in the autumn of that year, and is today known as the Lateran obelisk, whilst the obelisk that would become the obelisk of Theodosius remained in Alexandria until 390, when Theodosius I (378-392 AD) had it transported to Constantinople and put up on the spina of the Hippodrome there.”, tells Wikipedia.

“Tulips hail originally from eastern Turkey and the steppe of central Asia and were cultivated by the Ottomans, who took the flower to their imperial capital Istanbul, where they adorned the Sultan's palaces and the gardens of the elite. The word ”tulip“ derives from the Turkish word tulbent, referring to the Sultan's turban headdress, which the flower resembled in shape.” ( Source : [] )

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - It's not the minarets, the sunsets or the Bosphorous views making Istanbul's April crowds coo with pleasure – it is the tulips.

“With a tulip blooming for almost every one of its 12 million inhabitants the city hopes to remind the world that Turkey was the original home of the flower now more usually associated with clogs, cheese and windmills”. ( Source: [])

We all were going to see Istanbul despite different kind of dressings.

One part of an old University

Our small, Finnish cruiser is waiting for us.

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Jukka Malkki 9 years, 11 months ago

Loistosetti Marja! Hienosti muuten onnistuneet noi lasin läpi otetut kuvatkin.

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Leena Kauppinen 9 years, 12 months ago

Thank you ???? :)
It could be nice to know, where are you coming from.

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Marek 9 years, 12 months ago


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