Migrants and some spring flowers

by Leena Kauppinen May. 04, 2010 1685 views

Our late spring has arrived slowly.
Snow drifts still exist around sports field and the temperate is about 10 degrees Celsius - this is our spring.
We can expect green views during next two-three weeks.

This is not a migrant, but after the winter it tries to move between ice pieces :)

Bramblings ( a finch, Fringilla montifringilla of northern Eurasia ) have flied from the southern part of Europe or even from the northern Africa and they have stay couple of weeks getting some energy for their latter-journey to nesting places more northern from here.

The finches are singing all day long and that is lovely to hear.

In the morning sun.

The spring definitely gives some extra spirit in a life:))

Tussilago Farfara, Coltsfoot is flowering now - at last.

Cowslips are blooming, but we have to wait still for flowers of narcissus.

Of course squirrels need to eat too :))

They are changing now a days their grey winter fur into a brown summer coat.

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