Views from Alhambra / Towards Barcelona

by Leena Kauppinen January. 17, 2012 1879 views

Around buildings of Alhambra are both a beautiful big garden and huge scenes to see.She was our Spanish tour guide.

Granada`s area has very interesting history. [] as Wikipedia tells by clicking that link.That stonewall is very old part of the area`s history.

The Generalife is a garden area attached to the Alhambra which became a place of recreation and rest for the Granadan Muslim kings when they wanted to flee the tedium of official life in the Palace. It occupies the slopes of the hill Cerro del Sol above the ravines of the Genil and the Darro and is visible from vantage points throughout the city. It was conceived as a rural village, consisting of landscaping, gardens and architecture. The palace and gardens were built during the reign of Muhammad III (1302–1309) and redecorated shortly after by Abu I-Walid Isma'il (1313–1324). It is of the Islamic Nasrid style, and is today one of the biggest attractions in the city of Granada. The Generalife was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.( Source Wikipedia )

I think the building on the background is the one where you could get a room for a night or two if you have plenty of money !

“A summer cottage” of the Granadan Muslim kings of Generalife

Buildings of Alhambra seen from the garden.

Driving away from Granada , Sierra Nevada on the background.

                                                       To Barcelona during night!

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