South Bend: My New Home

by Margaret Mitchell August. 23, 2008 1377 views

I used to live in Michigan City but I don't anymore.

This is my cat Snowball lookin' in my suitcases the night before I left MC for SB. *awww*
I says, “I'm takin' you wiff me, ja?”
I miss him. V_V

This is my first photo of my new apartment—the kitchen.

I like my shower curtain.

My mother and aunt helped rearrange the furniture in the living room. There's no tv in there yet. o_O

They also helped arrange the furniture in my assigned bedroom so it wouldn't look “like everyone else's.” I like it because the bed is against my only window.

Unfortunately, this is my view. Canada geese feeding on the grass seed and there only being dirt and mud on the ground.
My apartment is located in the corner where the sidewalk ends….

First picture of my computer desk.

The rest of my room taking shape.

This is pretty much exactly how my desk looks now.
My wallpaper on my laptop is Battleship….

My first meal at my new apartment:
Leftovers and Jones Soda!

My roommate still hasn't shown up… I may end up with the whole place to myself.
***UPDATE*** That is no longer true!
But this is the magnetized wet erase board on the refridgerator.

I turned on all the lights in the apartment one night to see what it would look like.
I has a lamp and love seat covering now. :]

The *not* TV area in the living room.

Fully lit kitchen at night.

Empty corridor to the bedrooms.
The closed door is supposed to be my mystery roommate's room—and it was the room I originally wanted because the bathroom is directly attached to it. Instead, I get to cross the hall to a door on the right of the hallway (according to this photo).
***Update 8-24-08 2:30m*** I has a roommate now. :]

The lamp and dinosaur next to my bed.

More geese feeding in the mud.

Outdoor goings on at the Community Centre.

Random balcony without drapes at the moment.

View from a tabletop.

Red and White Night in the Community Centre!

Party people…. o-o

More party people….

Aww, the adorable decorations….

Sunset time in South Bend.
To the right is the bridge crossing the river to IUSB.

…and the following pictures are me just being a dork in my room….

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