Other stuffs from my first few days in South Bend

by Margaret Mitchell August. 24, 2008 1540 views

Some of these photos are from a previous visit, but they could have very well been part of my beginning-days.

Watashi wa totemo dork desune~

So, I transferred from Purdue North Central to Indiana University South Bend.
This is IUSB's library.

This is the pedestrian bridge to the apartments.

Random IUSB light banner next to the river.

Right side river view.

Left side river view complete with another bridge.

The Community Centre.

A few of the apartment buildings.

Parking lot next to Building A, etc.
(Building A ended up being David's building)

That's the library and bridge again, this time from the apartment side.

Laundry facilities I've yet to use in the Community Centre.

Taken during my very first visit to the Community Centre.
That's my mom on the very right… she didn't know I was taking a picture.

Another angle….

The cool ceiling in the same building.


Wow, this is weird….
I took this well before I knew what building and room I'd be in and I ended up in E104… sweet.

One of the many “Emergency Poles” on campus.
This one being located in front of the “pool” at the apartments. T_T

Menu of the joint where I ate my first meal in South Bend.

…reminds me of Texas Corral (in MC).

David and I went to Best Buy.
This picture contains DS bundles of my two favourite videogames: Guitar Hero and Pokemon.

We also went to the pawn shop closest to the housing.
Look at all them Xboxes and PS2s…. *one Gamecube o-o*

I love trains.
I played a RR Tycoon 2 demo for the Dreamcast two years ago now and I've yet to get the full version. And now here in front of me was the BOARDGAME version of the game.

I remember all the awesome photos displayed at MC's Meijer, so when David and I went to *one of* the Meijer's in SB, I found their awesome photos….

I love old photos. :]

Okay, this is a crummy picture, but what I did was I zoomed as far as I could into the “Indiana” on the side of the bridge from a seat by the Community Centre.

Cue “artsy” photos.

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