I'm going to continue with South Bend....

by Margaret Mitchell August. 27, 2008 1736 views

This starts the second set of images from my new home.

Attempting to boil water for ramen on an electric stove, it being the first time I've ever used an electric stove….
The coils are frightening.

“My building, where the sidewalk ends,” is no longer a valid phrase with this new makeshift sidewalk in place.

Goings on: Food and Music. :]

Music-makin' guys playin' teh tunes.
And the banner in the background….

Close up of the food tent.

My awesome meat-tastic meal compared to what David got. XD

Insect on my window (with his radio).

Giant spider out by my porch. He wasn't there the next morning.

I heart the moon.

Street light shining through mah blinds.

Static cling!

Flocks and flocks of geese throughout our “recreational field.”

Closer to the little buggers.

Notre Dame themed table at the Wing Nut


Pokemanz @ teh Wing Nut

Super extend!

Action shot!

The Kids playing Magic at the Kids' new apartment (across the street from IUSB but not on the same side of the river as the campus apartments).

“King Rootin Tootin”

Playing Pokemon Master Trainer at the Kids' apartment.
I'm the green one!

It took me almost the entire game to catch a pokemon (I traded it for that Omastar), but nobody picked on me because of my defense in the form of attack bonuses. :]

Walking back from a magic show on campus.
David and Justin walk toward the lit library, the bridge being nearby.

Crayons at Steak and Shake

SB SandS look juss liek MC SandS

Crate of videogame goodies that still need to go to David's (because he's the one with the systems out here).


Sega CD and Sega Saturn!!


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