The Stormy Skies

by Martin Holden June. 26, 2020 228 views

The lockdown has become part of life now, in the main people are used to being at home and one thing that has come out of all this is that people are walking more.

In fact, they are just doing more full stop, whether that is walking, cycling, or running, there seems to be lots more people out there getting physically and mentally stronger.

The weather in the UK over the lockdown months has been simply terrific, lots of dry days, lots of warm sunny days and I think that everyone has enjoyed their time in the back gardens of England this spring.

Of course, it would not be the UK if we didn't have some rain as well and this has led to some amazing skies overhead, which I have been lucky enough to capture on our evening walks.

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

In the far distance, you can see the rain cascading down over the fields and those clouds looked really angry at the time. Luckily we made it home before the deluge but just look how green the grass is after weeks of dry days.

The Grey Sky

The Grey Sky

When the clouds take on that aggressive look, it doesn't always rain, sometimes they are just hovering above us, not really sure whether to form a storm or just trundle on by.



This was an amazing sight, with the clouds of the back end of a rainstorm still overhead but lovely clear sunny skies in the far distance over West Lancashire.

A fitting way to end the day.

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Roland Brooks 8 months ago

#1As Colin said, WOW,,   that really is some dramatic sky,,

8 months ago Edited
Colin Massey 8 months ago

#1wow what a sky as the backdrop to a great looking landscape,  thanks for the follow much appreciated I look forward to viewing your journey

8 months ago Edited