Conwy, North Wales

by Martin Holden July. 25, 2021 206 views

There are several places along the north coast of Wales that have always attracted visitors and tourists, some continue to flourish, others have fallen by the wayside.

Conwy, I am pleased to say is one of the places that continues to do well.

The town is sat at the mouth of a large estuary, clearly a very important strategic place in days gone by due to the large castle that sits in a prominent place.

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

You can visit and explore the castle and find out more about its history through the years and it is a nice little way to spend some time.

Of course the estuary itself has many attractions:

At low tide, the boats are left stranded and you can see across to the shores on the other side quite clearly.

River Conwy

River Conwy

Opportunistic seagulls are never too far away, so if you are tempted to have some fish and chips down on the harbour, watch out!

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