Guardians of The Source : Guardianes del Umapunku

by Marcelo Arze March. 30, 2015 3408 views

The project Guardians of the source, promote students engagement as agents of change promoting awareness on water management for La Paz, the Bolivian Capital.
Over 2 million people on La Paz and El Alto on the Bolivian Andes depend on water coming from the nearby mountains. Climate Change have been increasing temperatures on the mountains and melting the glaciers and reducing it´s capacity of water storage for the city.
Part of the upper basin communities pollutes the water source, and some people use the river as a dumpster, causing the water to be polluted before entering the city.
The water sewage system of the city is directly connected with the river that cross it, and later at the lower basin after crossing the city, this water is used in irrigation systems for producing vegetables for the city, in some cases: spreading diseases among the citizens.
The project will engage school students as environmental awareness promoters among their neighborhoods and using Tv shows and other media to the rest of society, promoting the creation of bio-filters systems build according to ancient technology of the Tiahuanaco culture known as Sukakollos.

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Mountain Glaciers in the andes are melting, due to Climate change, and a big population may need to take care of the water sources and manage them sustainably

Part of the water that comes from the mountains get polluted by small communities, in the higher part of the basin in a course of less than 20 Kms from the mountains and even before getting to the city.
Some people drive there to dispose garbage and pollutants as computer parts are discarted on this area

As the river leaves the city all the sewage pollute the water, that later is used for irrigating vegetables that feeds the inhabitants

Some small efforts on engaging University students to become aware on city water issues, have been advanced in order to prove the feasibility of the project.

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