Masaki's PhotoBlog

No wooden and metal rackets can b e seen at the court. When I was young( still I am young), no colored wears are allowed but now.

I had an account of Skype member today. I am studing English and hoping to talk with people in English. Following is my handle name in Skype . ( …

He is practing KANJI with ink brush. We are doing this at elementary school. We have 3 types of Japanese, Kanji , Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji is from China,…

People write down their wishes on the blank side of an EMA and hang it in a shrine until the end of the year.

Sudoku is very popular puzzule in Japan. Fill a figure (1-9) in a blank and both line of row and column should be read 1-9. This is very elementary one.

This is Sony alpha 350, 85mm F1.4. Anti-shake stabilizer is already standardized in Sony camaras.

I bought this with buds three years ago and it was no buds last year. I am taking care during winter in the room and finally have the moment!

We have 5-10 leaflets in a newspaper every morning. These 3 phots are the advertisements leaflets of a famous department store in Yokohama. That looks very…

This is Masaki . Age 66. I love wife very much. I am studying English, and hope to a foreign trip with her in the future.

This is the traditional plantation in Japan. I put ivy in a ceramic pot(3cm diameter) last year and the moist moss is covering its surface.