St Germans

by Colin Massey August. 16, 2020 207 views

St Germans is a small village I often bypass or drive through on many occasions to get to the many other areas of Cornwall I visit. I have never actually stopped and expored the area so I decided to change that today. Having decided on a spot to park up we then started to explore the area starting with a visit to the St Germans viaduct and small Quay which used to be the hub of this small fishing village. St Germans stands on the River Tiddy, just upstream of where that river joins the River Lynher the water way from St Germans to the Hamoaze is also known as St Germans River. St Germans’ Quay was busy in the last century with cargoes of minerals, coal, timber and limestone. Road stone was transported from here until the Second World War. There are 16th century almshouses in the village.

Having now explored the area in more detail I will definately return again, it really is a pretty little village and worth a visit if you get the chance. St Gemans has a very interesting history far to much for me to cover here, but please have a look by following this link.

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