365 Day Challenge - March (London Edition)

by Matt Mcleary April. 03, 2017 2511 views

I was in London half way through the month, unfortunately through the attacks at well.

The eerie-ness of the city after was quite an experience, not one which I would like to experience again. However, before then I had a great time with photographing the many views of London.


As you can see I got caught! I was trying to be discreet when taking this - set my exposure then held the camera to my chest and clicked away.

Homeless Dog

I met a homeless girl that was actually from the area that I used to live near in Edinburgh, she was scared she wasn't going to get a place for the night for her and her dog. It's a cute trick to get people to donate to you, because who doesn't love dogs?

London City Hall

Long exposure at London City Hall with the Tower Bridge in the background.

Big Ben and Parliament

The night before the attack, such a nice night with night lighting during the sunset.

Millennium Bridge

Under the Millennium Bridge, this was just before the sunset at Big Ben the weather instantly changed when getting out of the subway.

Not sure what this area is called, although it is just a small walk away from the London City Hall. Some cool buildings around that area!

If you're interested in following me around London you can watch my youtube video here: 

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Helen Hooker 4 years, 5 months ago

These are wonderful - lovely to see such a familiar place through someone else's eyes.

4 years, 5 months ago Edited
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