Day 7- Just Another Manic Monday (but not really)

by Heather November. 03, 2009 3376 views

So today was like most weekdays. I worked at home. Working at home is a lot harder in some ways. I realize if your on the other side of things, working at home seems like a blast. I get distracted by the normal things at home ie. dishes, the animals, laundry, that I end up still editing at night. Monday went pretty smooth. I took about 10-15 minutes to myself to explore my back yard and I finally managed to get a self portrait. So I guess I overcompensated because I actually have 3. The weird looking bars and windows came from the “shed” in the back yard. It's one of those old workshop type buildings that we could fix up and get working, but we are just renting and it seems like it would cost some money. Right now we use it as storage. I kind of like that it looks so run down.
Once Justin got home, I made him a South Beach friendly meal consisting of chicken, bell peppers, onions and black beans. I was very proud of my presentation, but I couldn't get it to translate to “film” as well. I gotta work on my culinary shots :)
Justin and I hung out later that night and caught up on the episode of Dexter we missed.

So for Josh's Birthday I decided to log in his animal crossing and pay off his mortgage as an early present. Wouldn't it be nice if “adult world” worked that way?! Canon 5D/50mm

This is one of my many non english speaking co-workers; Evey.
She's a Welch Corgi. Canon 5D/50mm/1600

That's how she contributes to my work environment. Don't let her cuteness confuse you, she is in deep thought in this picture.
Canon 5D/50mm/1600

Ok…so I actually broke the tripod out. I'm always surprised by how difficult self portraits are. I knocked these out in a decent amount of time, but making sure your focus is spot on and then running back to your position and trying to look comfortable is tricky. My exposure was a little dark, so I pushed it in photoshop. Canon 5D/50mm

So, I'm a rather goofy, silly sort of person most of the time….so this is me conveying it…I think.
Canon 5D/50mm

I wasn't sure if I liked it better in color or Bw.
Canon 5D/50mm

I call this “trapped”.
Canon 5D/50mm

I guess I should leave this up to interpretation, but this picture reminds me of Nancy Drew meets Scooby Doo. I feel like I'm scoping out the old, abandon creepy house. Canon 5D/50mm

More bars and fun angles.
Canon 5D/50mm

My South Beach creation. It looks kinda icky on “film” but it looked much prettier in real life. Canon 5D/50mm/1200

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Michael Sakowicz 7 years, 6 months ago

Nice commentary. I like shot three. I work from home too and couldn't agree more... I usually work around 2 or 3 in the morning... Welcome to PB by the way.

7 years, 6 months ago Edited