by Matthew Letts November. 24, 2016 394 views


Coursework 1 ~ Consumption

I decided to take a picture of a candle burning slowly in pitch darkness, as the fire slowly melts away the candle wax, I decided that it matched to the topic consumption very well. I enjoy how the tip of the candle is illuminated and then depletes into darkness, as it gives the photo a moody feeling and draws all the attention onto the main focus, which was the candle flame melting the wax. The darkness also resembles consumption, as it is eating the candle away metaphorically. I edited the red tones to make the photo look more vibrant and add to the mood. I added sharpness and increased the contrast to make the colours more powerful, and I cropped the photo to center the candle to draw more attention to it again.



Original photo before edit

Aperture: F4

Shutter Speed: 1/8

Focal Length: 55

ISO: 50

Date: 24/11/2016

Time: 20:30

Location: My house

Camera make/model: Nikon D3200

Lens: Nikon DX 55mm

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