mourning owls

by Mawey August. 10, 2011 3150 views

The first days on the trail, I was excited about every step we took, every turn we made. The road from our bolo in the mountains was winding down into the valley, following the old river bed. now at the end of summer, the river was a small runnel only since the big snow melt was over and we had managed to darn all the leaks of the ancient dam this season, just before the travelers arrived.

And while we moved down the valley slowly, I thought how lucky I was. This was what I wanted to do since long time, even back to the years I lived with my dad. I did not look back in anger or regret to the bolo, since I hardly had been in contact with them. The group I was with now was as good as any to spend my days with; and though they rarely talked to me, it didn’t make a lot of change from my life before. I had the feeling that each of them was eyeing me more or less openly, as if they were not quite sure yet if I was to be trusted, but I gave them no reason to mistrust me either, so the time passed under our feet without any perturbance.

The next day, the owls came back. They sat on the wires we hitched up between our carts and looked down on us with their sad eyes. Oddly enough, the came during daytime and thus we could see their slithered plumage.

Owls are great hunters. i see them in my dreams, they always watch over me but i am never sure if they look at me as possible prey or in some kind of sympathy I’ve never fully understood.

but it's always good to have owls in the camp. They catch the mice. even the glowing ones. And for some reason, they keep the ravens away, even though they are the weaker birds. maybe it's their eyes. staring. they seem to know something that even a raven can’t handle.

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Wiresnail 9 years, 8 months ago

owls are great :)

9 years, 8 months ago Edited