ibus of gry'ondar

by Mawey October. 31, 2011 2641 views

some say, every bolo has the ibus it deserves.

i find that particularly true of a megabolo like gry'ondar, a place where bolos have mixed, exchanged, grown into each other since two hundred years, as long back as to the dark years. some say, gry'ondar was a survivor of even the big bang. and ever since then, while all other places have gone down, crumbled to ruins like ka'theb, burned to cinder like bern'lin or washed away like lion'dith in the north, gry'ondar has been a magnet for all that is good and all that is bad. some say, it will never surrender to time or besiege.

i like most of whom i met. friendly most of them were not, but cold neither: open for deals all of them and eager to find your weak point. but all of them, as different they were, were willing to share, spilled out their stories as much as they asked for ours, and what do you want more than ibus who care?

some that i spend more time with, became friends. some just were passing acquaintances from opportunities that soon will be forgotten. and yet i'll remember their names even after good-bye, chiselled into memory as much as their faces. ghostlike they will be advisors when loneliness cups me under the empty skies of the south.

some say, you'll always meet the ibus you deserve.













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Pandka 5 years, 10 months ago


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Antonio Gil 5 years, 10 months ago

When I opened your blog a scene popped-up immediately to my mind. It was that scene in one of the Star Wars saga when Luke (I think) entered into a bar full of aliens from all over the place. By the way, which one is your avatar? This graphic work is phenomenal.

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