he came up with a fight

by Mawey February. 08, 2012 1767 views

i swear, master lu'man, i didn't start it!

sometimes you can't just get out of the way fast enough to avoid a fight. this guy, he foraged through the crowd that usually accumulates daily on the bridge between the upper bolo and the traveler quarters; pushing himself forward impatiently. i saw how he smashed carelessly the good on the market dealers tables and rammed his shoulder into bypassers while he waltzed his way up town.

i didn't know who he was, but from his clothing alone i could see he must be a rich man's son. i was just trying to sneak by him when he gripped my arm, almost forcing me to drop the flasks i was carrying. he demanded me to hand over one of the golden cupped lustwater vials, but i explained to him they were not on sale but part of a delivery to a foreign customer downbolo.

he put on a grin, saying he didn't ask me to sell but to hand over the vial, and when he reached out to grab it, i turned away, starting to run. but he was faster than me, i felt my tunic ripping in his grip and staggering, i dropped all my load which splattered over the place. it was this sound, the waste of hours of work on the alembic that triggered my anger, not him. and it made my brain snap into red hot alert mode, my muscles twitch and my eyes narrowing - i couldn't resist, master lu'man, i couldn't hold back the swing, not even the pain i felt when my fist rushed towards his body.

i had the advantage of speed. but he had the advantage of brute force. the fight lasted no minute, and i was on the ground, bruised and panting, with blood and spit all over my clothes, my thoughts coming back in waves of pity and despair, while he walked away triumphant with what was left of unbroken bottles.

i am sorry, master lu'man. i will endure my punishment. but it was not me who started the fight.

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Antonio Gil 5 years, 8 months ago

This one didn't end well. Payback time?

5 years, 8 months ago Edited
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