i am the central scrutinizer

by Mawey January. 07, 2013 1537 views

hello. my name is paul.

well actually, not quite. my name is Polonius Per Padua Pillaged Popular Post Processing Pertinator P.I.N.K. 2.2 Joshua One, but within this household, everyone just calls me the central scrutinizer. i know. not a very original name, but reference to ancient culture is thick within these walls.

you might have guessed: i am here to help you. you have been awakened in your 34th round. you must begin the slow process of remembering all that is relevant from round 1 to 33. as your guide (and, so i hope, soon friend), i will nudge you into the right direction, wherever possible. i will be your tutor and your servant. i will hold you when you stumble and prod you forward when you procrastinate. most of all, i will be your memory bank and, so i hope, soon abdicable - yet invaluable, as i may say, as a friend.

now, i know you must have questions. they ill be answered in time. for now, i must urge you to rest. focus on this symbol. memorize it. wherever you envision it, i will be available.

please do not speak. please do not try to move. you are still restrained, your body… is weak. you have been altered. missing parts have been replaced. it happens. we all lose over time. your functions have been restored. you are, for all practical means, almost entirely renewed.

for the moment, it is enough that you know the following.

it is saturday, the 27th of march, 321 ND. it is late afternoon and you are in the chamber of rejuvenation on top of tower V, Meta Kompleks Pasar Seni. i is your home and everything is in order.

now rest. you will remember. we will talk again. soon. there are decisions pending. there are messages waiting. there is movement within the vicinity. we will work it out, together - as friends.

my name is paul. call me scruty.

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Downtoearth 6 years, 3 months ago

Interesting post :-)

6 years, 3 months ago Edited
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