About Mawey


let me tell you my story.

it is still evolving every day, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. i'm not always able to continue writing in the pace i'd wish for, so you have to live with breaks and sudden outbursts of action...

i ask you to respect my work and not distribute any of the pictures or text published here. there is no copyright to this, however. if you like to quote or evolve and further develop text or pictures published here, feel free to do so.

keep in mind that every blog entry is only a small window into the overall narrative (which will be published as a book some when later i hope). if you have questions regarding the story or would like to give me feedback, i am glad to receive your ideas, comments, critiques. they will directly influence the further development.

also, i prefer not to reveal my identity in this state of work, but may give you hints upon enquiry. i AM real, alive and in the flesh, for all i know! ;-)

thank you for reading and encouraging me to continue.



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