Ipoh Old Town Wall Art Mural

by Max Liew July. 30, 2016 660 views

Ipoh Old Town Wall Art Mural

Ipoh, located at Perak, Malaysia. They is a heritage and peaceful full of delicious food. Here also origin of the "Oldtown White Coffee". Now you can see every corner of old town with the Wall Mural. That is one of the most attractive point here. If you not been  Ipoh before you should come over here to have the collection of the mural.

Mr. Ernest Zacharevic is the first person who provide the drawing on the wall of Ipoh old town, make Ipoh become "Art of Oldtown". He is the person who painted mural in Penang's Georgetown.

Follow by Mr. Eric Lai, who founded the art school "Artgene Studio". He always bring his student to paint on the wall of Ipoh, continue update new mural to make Ipoh Old Town attractive.

If you want to know more about the breathtaking wall art mural, please visit to my website. - Max Compose Photography Blog

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