Samed Nang Chee View Point - Phang Nga

by Max Liew August. 09, 2016 381 views

Samed Nang Chee

In the Phang Nga province, they have amazing landscape. If you discover this area, you will found so many beautiful natural landmark. Samed Nang Chee is a new view point, here face to gorgeous Phang Nga Coastline and archipelago.

If you don't have GPS, you are very hard to reach this view point, mostly the visitors are localist. Foreigner was seldom come here, maybe not well know in oversea. At the weekend, they have almost thousand people to visit here.

Samed Nang Chee - Midnight

This suitable for the natural admirers, and you can keep yourself far from the city bustle. You can rent a tent to encampment here for stay overnight. With no city light pollution, you can easily to see the galaxy with uncountable star on the sky. - Max Compose Photography Blog

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