I have the best kids

by Marjorie Mcdonald May. 06, 2011 4484 views

I have the best kids. They have been great all week, helping me while I try and get better. Yesterday they were playing outside, and came running in, scooted upstairs, and came down 10 minutes later with this for me. ((((Cameron and Laci))))) You guys are the best.

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Ricardo 6 years ago

surely you've!

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Eiram 6 years ago

:) To this day I have all those little presents that my children made for me - little treasures!

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Gregg Maretka 6 years ago

precious !!!

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Lis 6 years ago

best kids.. children is joy;) Great work and have a great day!

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Jorge L Moro 6 years ago

Boy having two girls, one married with a 10 month old, and another in college, I remember those days. How i wish I could go back for a day. Just one more day... Enjoy it.

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Jacki 6 years ago

So sweet!

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Granabby 6 years ago

Ah, yes, Mother's Day - have a great one!

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Renato Martins 6 years ago

I'm sorry to tell you, but you have the second best kids... :)

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Lukesmom 6 years ago

So sweet! It's amazing how our children can light up our life. I hope you feel better soon. Happy Mother's Day!

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Beth 6 years ago

that is so sweet of them :) they must have a wonderful mom!!! happy mother's day

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Lukas 6 years ago

Yes this is a very nice set Marjorie! Happy mother's day :)

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Roger 6 years ago

happy mother's day Majorie
beautiful kids come come beautiful people its no wonder they are the best

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Leslie 6 years ago

It's 'cause they have a great Mommy.
♫ Happy Mother's Day, M.

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Eric J H Joyce 6 years ago


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Larry Nelson 6 years ago

Yes, you do! We have a refrigerator buried in this sort of artwork, and shoeboxes full from children and grandchildren!

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Brenda Nelson 6 years ago

These are precious and priceless treasures, Marjorie. I have a drawer full of similar "artwork"! I love your composition and focus in #2 - and I hope you get better "soun", too!

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Pauline Wilson Brooks 6 years ago

So sweet. I can vaguely remember such times - Actually, come to think of it, once they are over 20 they do seem to become rather adorable again...

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Marsha 6 years ago

Oh my goodness...how sweet is that? Lovely and touching post, Marjorie....I agree with your title ;))

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Jon Laysell 6 years ago

Aw that's fantastic!

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Mallusatish Reddy 6 years ago

Lovely post,my daughter all way make one for me, these are best pain reliever for me.!!

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Andarta 6 years ago

That is so sweet of them :-) How are you doing, do you need more pain killers because I am going into town tomorrow?

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