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There is a silky resonance of sound one hears as fingertips slide off the strings of an acoustic guitar. There is a physical connection a drummer feels as the heartbeat of music that leaves him exhausted at the end of a gig. Ears still ring with the low frequencies of a bass guitar’s fading thump on one’s chest long after the song is over... and the final note has been played.

But the click of a shutter button doesn’t end right there. The image that gets recorded in the retina of the camera’s eye lives on to silently reach out to touch others.. that makes them wonder in awe, giggle with laughter or completely knock their socks off in exasperation. And that’s where the magic of photography lies. It involves others... to allow themselves free rein of their reactions. The pictures are inanimate... yet they are meant to invoke and provoke. Photography is a way of building bridges providing circuits to reconnect and renew friendships. It helps others to remember the forgotten past... or make new memories.

Such is my intent and if my pictures provoke a smile, pluck a heart sting or forge a friendship, then I’d like to believe that I have succeeded.

Let me know if I have... after all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


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