A Beginning. . .

by Michael Chunko October. 24, 2016 539 views

I've often wondered what there is, really, to tell.  I have had an interest in photography since I took my very first image in 1962; my dad handed me his Polaroid Speed liner 351 (as I recall it) and told me how to compose the photo and snap it.  The photo was a simple snapshot of my parents at Mother Goose Gardens in LaSalle, Illinois (long gone, though you might be able to find some concrete still reposing in the weeds).  It started something, and it continues.  I like to tell stories, convey emotion, and capture special moments that might be very difficult to gather if I were to engineer them myself.  I hope you will enjoy what you see.  I hope it makes you wonder about things, be amazed at the world around you, and hopefully, fire your imagination to go with your passion.

Musing Artist or Eccentric?

I wonder what I was thinking. . . .

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Ram Ya 4 years, 9 months ago

Thanks for inspiring us and introducing yourself, Michael
Welcome to PhotoBlog! Our hope is to become a platform for Storytellers like you.

4 years, 9 months ago Edited
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