Austrian wonderland

by Michal Drapáč December. 24, 2016 1125 views


Some people like cities, I´m more mountain person. When I was younger I really loved nature and mountains especially. As I grow older it drag me to mountains even more.

Sunlight trying to penetrate through clouds (Ötztalen Alps, Austria)

When you´re growing up you tend to have some model in your life, dad was mine. We spent so much time around mountains with my family doing hiking or every kind of sport you can think of, I was supposed to do it for life. All this allowed write today´s article. 

Start of our 5 hours route to base camp. (Sölden, Austria)

It was a beautiful day, sun was shining and we just started our hike to base camp at 2500 m a.s.l. . Full luggage of gear was heavy but we were climbing in moderate pace towards our destination.

Various terrain make it fun all the way up. (Ötztalen Alps, Austria)

Our plan was to spend a night in Taschachhaus and next day start necessary acclimation to nearby summit.

View from Taschachhaus during dinner. Tomorrow´s goal is set.

After hearty breakfast was time to start acclimation with new members of our crew. Views were amazing even though course was tough and new members were struggling with amount of elevation gain.

Mountain pass on way to Pitztaler Urkund (Pitztaler glacier, Austria)

As we crossed the ridge we could try to teach others less experienced friends something about alpinism and work in group as one man.

Friends are really excited about learning new skills. (Pitztaler glacier, Austria)

After basic training was done we headed back to base all tired but happy. We hoped that weather will be kind to us because I had planned Wildspitze summit next day. What happened during attempt? You´ll find out in next article.


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Uma Rajagopal 4 years ago

AMAZING !!! fantastic pictures and writeups.

4 years ago Edited
Michal Drapáč Replied to Uma Rajagopal 4 years ago

thank you

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Maura Elko 4 years ago

Awesome photos & story! Mountains are just beautiful places.

4 years ago Edited
Michal Drapáč Replied to Maura Elko 4 years ago

thank you

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