Countless hours to the summit

by Michal Drapáč December. 25, 2016 876 views


This is a sequel to my previous article Austrian wonderland. Now you´re about to see what happened during our journey to Wildspitze summit.

Warm welcome at the beginning of our attempt. (Pitztaler glacier, Austria)

It´s 4am and we´re preparing breakfast to have strength for long route. After all this is done and gear was checked, well, it´s time to turn on headlight, fasten harness and crampons.

Glacier cracks aren´t something unusual in that terrain. (Pitztaler glacier, Austria)

You have to be really careful and always aware of danger. Unstable ice bridges or hypoxia are your worst enemies. That´s what happened to our friend at 3200m a.s.l.. He suddenly went cold and short of breath. Luckily he was out of the woods really soon and could kept going with us after 30 minutes break.

Weather still with us. Views were incredible and peak nearly humbled. (Taschachferner, Austria)

After 7 hours walking, Wildspitze (3770m a.s.l.) was finally ours. Whole group went emotional from that look. It was worth the "trouble". But we couldn´t be too careless because we had next 5 hours walk in front of us.

You can´t find nothing similar to this. Totally free and happy. (Wildspitze, Austria)

Full of new joy and positive thinking we had been carrying on to our camp. After 12 hours we sat down to have dinner and went to bed.


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Phyllis 4 years ago

spectacular photographs......what an exciting journey!!

4 years ago Edited
Michal Drapáč Replied to Phyllis 4 years ago

thanks a lot, It was indeed

4 years ago Edited
Maura Elko 4 years ago

I love the pictures, was it scary walking on that snowy mountain ridge?

4 years ago Edited
Michal Drapáč Replied to Maura Elko 4 years ago

Thanks, It wasn´t, I used to it now

4 years ago Edited