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We were completely fogged in this morning. Then the sun burned a lot of it away. It was sad to go. I will miss a lot of the amazing people I met. It was…

We spent hours on the beach. This resulted in two very burnt teachers. This past week one of my students asked if only teachers got red.

Our days were pretty packed. This day we went to Mickey D's, swimming, the Baranof Museum, the Alutiiq Museum, Henry's, Swimming again, and bed.

Dora and Andy took us out on a skiff today. It was sunny and gorgeous. Little chilly though, we were wearing five layers. Got a nice little sunburn between…

The high school kids played a little prank on me. I came home and wondered, “Where is all my furniture?”

We flew to King Salmon to meet with the other teachers in our district. We have great educators and people in this place. I'm lucky to work with them.
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