New York Subway

by Syelmi M February. 07, 2019 135 views
New York Subway

New York Subway

People. In general. Baffles me.

Interactions, emotion, I guess when they are not strongly present in your life - "feelings" can confuse you.

I understand loneliness and contentment to be the same. If I am happy my instinct to distrust kicks in. In hindsight, I guess I am broken :D

I try so hard to open up, to connect to the point that it becomes unnatural. That awkwardness leaks out. At the back of my head I feel like, sooner or later I might just break this person because I am so unstable.

Perhaps this is the reason why I am a shut-in. Not out of preference, I am forced into this state. Its like a solitary confinement to stop you from contaminating the world.

I have been telling myself its going to be okay.

I guess I just watched the train leave me.

But we carry on, although I do not see one from the horizon..

We wait.. Until the next train comes in..

If no one comes, for sure that dark cloaked friend will surely take you in.

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