Frost morning - Day 13 of 365

by Mike Howey January. 30, 2017 455 views

Ok ok so I've failed the 365 project on day 12!!! Work & family commitments (I have my own software business) have meant I simply dont have the time to commit to the 365. I feel dissapointed that I stopped so soon but have to realise I simply can't stick to it right now. 

However, I have hugely enjoyed and benefitted fro getting involved with everybody here so I intend to post when I can and keep a track of the number of posts through a 365. So after a 3 week break here is post 13!!! 

It's really frosting morning so I took my camera to office and shot some of the frosty landscapes.

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Timothy Bullock 4 years ago

Really like the third image! but all of them are great!

4 years ago Edited
Katie R 4 years ago

#1 is beautiful! And it's definitely understandable. I have missed a couple of days and also posted some images I'm not too proud of while trying to keep up. I think keeping up occasionally is still great and it's supposed to be fun anyway :)
The light in these is great. Is it early morning?

4 years ago Edited
Kaeyla Mcgee 4 years ago

Great to have you back! I was wondering . . . But you're quite right : don't stress with it - we do photography because it's meant to be fun, not a slog. Post when you can, enjoy it and, again, welcome back.

4 years ago Edited
Mike Howey Replied to Kaeyla Mcgee 4 years ago

Thanks Kaeyla! Nice to be back :) I think you're right!

4 years ago Edited