Composite Creation

by Mike Dickinson March. 13, 2021 189 views

Composites are photos created by mixing several images together and gives the authors the freedom to exercise their imagination. As with all artists, that is their only limit. From the humorous to the surreal, I have observed many an interesting Composite as winners in Photographic competitions. However, I believe they are more about the author enjoying themselves. Like, perhaps a songwriter, it's a good habit when you get an idea to write it down for future reference. Ideas often come when you are out and about with your camera. Look at different shapes and textures in Nature. Objects around your home, in your garage or work place. Photograph them and keep them in a Resources file on your Hard Drive.

One issue I am clear about and that is, I insist in using only images I have photographed myself. Whether it's a Waste bin or a Statue, a Tree or whatever, I just feel it wouldn't be my own work unless I am using images I have captured myself. I guess that doesn't shout the approval of Photo stock Websites, who I feel, charge way over the odds for access to their portfolios any way. I actually ran in to stiff opposition to my view from a senior member of my Local County's Photographic Union, one who I know is notorious for creating some excellent Composites, using mainly Photo Stock images!

I'm a keen Crown Green Bowler and Snooker player, so, the thought occurred to me one day of how it would look if both games were depicted in the same image. Thus came the idea of placing them together on a snooker table as a composite. See it further on.

I'm not sure how well this sits in this category but it is a useful creative idea to use. When you want the focus to be especially on the subject, like the classic cars examples here, it helps if you can turn everything else in to monochrome. So easily created with the help of software like Adobe Photoshop. There are lots of Tutorials on Youtube for helping you with this and the creation of composites.

I promise they won't all be cars, I just thought I would post these first as a few of my favourites.

Use your imagination!

Always have a camera with you, well of course you do! Some genius decided to include a camera in Mobile Phones! So, the majority of those with a Mobile phone will have a camera with them and some of them have outstanding reproduction. And of course, you can upload them to your Cloud or simply email them to yourself whilst you're out.

So, having a camera with you most of the time gives you ample opportunity to take casual shots of various subjects when out and about. Keep your eyes open and THINK, what can be used in a creation. Build up a story in your mind and go looking for the items you need to complete it. Imagine a story board and all the different parts you need to pull it together.

Here's the Snooker / Bowling Composite I mentioned earlier. I admit it isn't the sharpest and there's much room for improvement but it's here to give you an idea of what can be done.

Another one of my creations was great fun and has brought a few smiles to many, though it has never won any awards, I much prefer bringing smiles than stocking my shelf with trophies!

All of what you see in this composite was photographed by myself. From the buoy in the water and the seagulls, if you can find them, at Whitby, to the Canoeists on the Thames by Westminster Bridge.

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Chuck Staruch 3 months ago

Wonderful!!  I love it!!

3 months ago Edited
Mike Dickinson Replied to Chuck Staruch 3 months ago

Thank you, Chuck. Glad you enjoyed them.

3 months ago Edited
Camellia Staab 3 months ago

Ha!!! Excellent composites and definitely ones that brought a smile or two. smile

3 months ago Edited
Mike Dickinson Replied to Camellia Staab 3 months ago

Thank you, Camelia. Glad they brought a smile

3 months ago Edited
Helen Anders 3 months ago

I really like these, Mike. A lot of imagination and creativity shown in these shots - they both made me smile! 😊

3 months ago Edited
Mike Dickinson Replied to Helen Anders 3 months ago

Thank you, Helen. Lovely to see they still bring a smile!

3 months ago Edited
Helen Anders Replied to Mike Dickinson 3 months ago

They sure did! I have never tried this before but you have inspired me and I will have to give it a try sometime! 😊

3 months ago Edited
Michelle Thompson 3 months ago

Absolutely awesome images Mike smile

3 months ago Edited
Mike Dickinson Replied to Michelle Thompson 3 months ago

Thank you so much, Michelle grinning

3 months ago Edited