Nature's Wonders

by Mike Dickinson March. 20, 2021 109 views

Nature covers a multitude of subjects, after all, it is all around us. And so, here you will discover, well, just about anything I have captured from Nature.

As with life itself, Nature rarely stands still. The changing seasons brings a plethora of different shades and textures. We may, for instance, not be as welcoming to the cold Winter but there are advantages to this season, which are missing in the other times of the year. With the trees stripped of their Summer and Autumn refinery, you can see the details clearer on the horizon.

I envy those photographers who are able to capture with their cameras handheld. I'm sure the majority of successful Bird and wildlife shots are hand held. However, with my shaky hands I'm pretty well restricted to a Tripod and Remote Control for most of my photography. Even using lenses that have Image Stabilization built in to them. I find it a little easier with my Canon Powershot SX60 Bridge camera, as it is lighter to hold.

I love to see shots of Birds in flight or just taking off. Sadly, until I master the flexibility of my Tripod, it will be some time before I can capture some bird shots worthy of publishing.

There is a Nature Park near to where I live, where they have Bird feeding tables dotted along the paths. Set out some bird seed on them and you can be fairly confident of capturing some of its visitors. This Robin was most co-operative and stayed around long enough for me to get a half decent shot of it. Just a shame it is partially in the shade but beggars can't be choosers!

This Robin was captured by me in the Springtime, as the Garlic Flowers began to blossom.

This Robin was captured by me in the Springtime, as the Garlic Flowers began to blossom.

When out with my former Photo Buddy, it was generally her that spotted the unusual or obscure before me. That's one of the good things about having a keen eyed, enthusiastic extra set of eyes with you.

On this occasion though, these two Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies flew right across my path. I have to say, my Photo Buddy got better shots of them than I did but, I managed to capture a rare moment as these two began mating.

Two Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies Mating

Two Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies Mating

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