Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

by Emily Millar November. 30, 2019 1340 views

Renting a Queenslander house with no air-con seemed like a good idea at the time for two naive backpackers, yet here I am, sitting half-naked with 3 fans going, trying to write. The best way to get acclimated?

Escaping Brisbane's urban jungle never seemed more appealing. As we enter the summer season here in Queensland, temperatures are getting hotter, the air is getting thicker and my body slower.

After a short train journey from Brisbane's CBD, we arrived at the famous Surfers Paradise which really needs no explanation.

A few McMuffins later, we had perched ourselves on the beach enjoying the fresh, Pacific Ocean breeze and the gentle rhythms of the crashing waves.

It's the simple things in life.

What is it about jumping through waves that we humans find so euphoric? I couldn't help it laugh, standing in the ocean, surrounded by all these strangers, jumping through every wave and you could not wipe a single smile off anyone's face.

We were all in this moment. Together. Sharing our excitement and happiness. Existing in the water.

How odd it may seem to aliens or even to people who have never seen the ocean.

What is love?

This was a question asked by 2 strangers who I met on the beach. This simple question turned into a 2-hour long conversation. What is love?

Is it selflessness? Commitment? Mindfulness? Does it exist? Is it a concept that we as humans have created? Are we in love with the idea of love? Is it convenient? Is it religion? Is it affection? Is it caring? Is it peer pressure? Is it pressure from social media? Is it wanting what others have? Is it relentless? Is it unconditional? Is it empowering? Is it infatuation? Is it an obsession? Is it biological/chemical? Is it comfort? Is it safety? Is it controllable? Is it uncontrollable? Is it a dream? Is it capable?

It was refreshing to have an organic conversation with 2 strangers.

I could write down all my thoughts, feelings and ideologies on this question but that would be giving it away too easy.

I really admire the passion and bravery some people have. To walk up to random people and to ask this question and engage in a raw conversation. Refreshing.

Maybe you have a view on what love is?

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Do not worry if you are making waves simply by being yourself. The moon does it all the time. - Scott Stabile


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