by Emily Millar April. 15, 2020 300 views

So here I am.

Typing from my bed in Northern Ireland with the Spring sunset cascading down the walls and the fresh countryside air filling my room; a very pleasant evening considering the current pandemic.

With so much uncertainty and anxiety floating about, we should view this Corona period as a time of personal reflection and gratitude. To slow down and be grateful for the little things. To find contentment in our solitude and to explore our passions. To tap into our creative side and re-connect with old hobbies. To find tranquility, peace, and calmness in our surroundings. To relax, unwind and repair. To do absolutely nothing.

I suppose this is just a blog post of my own reflection.

For me, I've been able to unwind from my travels and figure out what I really want to do as a career......pending. I'm grateful for my surroundings and appreciate home more.

I've been able to revisit some old hobbies like art; very therapeutic. I've started gardening and currently gowning some tomatoes and chillayys. I've practiced yoga a looooooooot more and deepening my understanding along with meditation. Anndddd I vowed to write more blogs because I've some serious catching up to do.

So here I am.

Trying to find positivity amongst the chaos.

PS. You do you


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