193. Vibia Sabina (Women's Day Dedication!): Created 1500 years before Michael Angelo and Bernini!

by Milton Jacob March. 08, 2010 12251 views

Marble statue of Vibia Sabina, second century A.D., formerly Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Now it is found in Villa Adriana (Tivoli, Italy). Please move to the next post to read how it reached ‘home’ (and to see the BW version of these pictures).

Some History:

Vibia Sabina (83-136/137) was a Roman Empress, wife of Roman Emperor Hadrian. She was the daughter to Salonina Matidia (niece of Roman Emperor Trajan). After her father’s death in 84, Sabina along with her half-sisters lived with their grandmother, mother and were raised in the household of Trajan, his wife Pompeia Plotina and her stepfather.

She married Hadrian in 100, at the Roman Empress Pompeia Plotina's request, for Hadrian to succeed her great uncle, in 117. Sabina's mother Matidia (Hadrian's second cousin) was also fond of Hadrian and allowed him to marry her daughter.

Sabina was strong and independent and her beliefs in marriage didn't sit well with the Emperor. Neverthless, she remained an important and powerful woman in the empire, accompanying Hadrian on his great tour of the empire, which brought them to Gaul, Egypt, Asia Minor, and Greece. On their return to Rome in 127, Sabina received the title of Augusta. Vibia Sabina died before her husband, some time in 136 or early 137.

These were ‘archaelogical findings’ from my ‘ancient fotos’ taken by the panasonic p&s camera. While searching for some pictures suitable for women's day, I came across these. I made some editing on the backgrounds (blurred the background!) and I got these ‘unexpected’ results!

I believe, this marble statue of Sabina can very well exhibit the strength, the beauty, the tenderness and the elegance of womanhood. At the Same time, the real life of Sabina also tells us the pains a woman undergos (Her death is suspected to be either a suicide or a murder by poisoning by Hadrian!!). These words that I found in World Women's Day website may explain the latter part well: –
While International Women's Day may be a day of global celebration, there is no room for complacency as women still struggle on many fronts!!

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wonderful imagery

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Wow, I love the way you used the light in this set.

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she and your pictures are excellent and beautifull!the most I like the 1st one!

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Gorgeous set - beautiful lighting

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very nice !

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Thanks for sharing, Milton.

#2 I like most in this nice post.

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