Jinguashi, Chiufen, Keelung

by Miluskaya - February. 08, 2019 279 views

Today, it was rainy everytime. I had to clean my lens before each photo... mist and water drops.

I started to visit the closed gold mine of Jinguashi. It worked from 1896 till 1987. During the japaneese occupation during the war, between 500 and 1000 english prisonners had to work inside.

When the Japanese lost the war, the British soldiers returned home, then in 1946 the taiwanese mining society took over the mine and hired local miners, until its bankruptcy in 1987

Every night, the workers were searched by the guards to see if they were hiding gold they had found in the mine during the day.

This gold they had dug up with explosives, torn from the belly of the earth, to finally reach the pockets of a company director.

In the museum, you can touch the largest gold bullion in the world. 220kg.

Next door is the village of Chiufen, where dozens of films have been shot. A miniature Shanghai... full of tourists.

The day ended in Keelung, the city where it rains 300 days a year.

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