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My entry on the website of Professor Michael E. Porter, who is the author of the Value Based Health Care theory

Dear Professor Porter, Has the concept of Value Based Health Care (VBHC) been tested in practice in any medical practice with positive results, i.e. accepted by patients and doctors, nurses and other medical staff anywhere in the real world? Is the failure to implement VBHC in Sweden ( Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and University Hospital in Goeteborg) a unique experience from the real world? Are there any other clinics where VBHC has been implemented and patients and medical staff are satisfied? Is this just a theory, not confirmed in practice?

I am currently writing an article about VBHC and despite a thorough review of the literature, I cannot find a description of cases of implementation of this concept in real life. It will be nice to read your answers, and while waiting for them I am sending my wishes - Merry Christmas from Poland Krystyna Knypl, M.D. Ph.D., editor-in-chief & publisher of "Gazeta dla Lekarzy" monthly http://gazeta-dla-lekarzy.com/index.php/statut/257-the-statute.

# Wpisałam się Panu Profesorowi ku pamięci w dwóch miejscach - aby nie zginęło :)

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# 2

Z zaciekawieniem oczekuję na odpowiedź. Wkrótce więcej na temat VBHC w nr 1/2020 Gazety dla Lekarzy.

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