31/12/2019. My columns on Sermo were read by fellow doctors from all over the world :)

by Krystyna Knypl December. 31, 2019 206 views

Sermo is social media network for physicians with over 915,000 registered doctors from 150 countries.

Some of doctors registered on Sermo at the invitation of the portal administrator, write weekly columns marked with logo Sermo community column. I am one of the columnists, since 2016 I have published over 200 columns on Sermo.

In the past 2019 the invitation to read my columns was 4 times included in the administrator's mailing sent to all users. I would like to thank the administrators of Sermo and all my fellow doctors for their cooperation. In 2019 doctors published 420 073 posts, my columns are among them :))

Thanks Sermo! Thanks all my fellow doctors!

# PIerwszy mailn, pod nickeim @miamx2

# PIerwszy mailn, pod nickeim @miamx2

Link to my column "Is it possible to by happiness?" https://app.sermo.com/post/481491

(access only for registred doctors)

# 2

# 2

Link to my column "The image of our body" https://app.sermo.com/post/504602

(access only for registred doctors)

Link to my column "Pregnant women vaccination against influenza"


(access only for registred doctors)

# 1 Pierwszy mailing, felieton sygnowany jako @mimax2

# 1 Pierwszy mailing, felieton sygnowany jako @mimax2

Link to my column "The difficult art of documenting our families' past"


( access only for registred doctors)

The year 2019 was friendly for me - I also published an article in English in the E-Journal of Cardiology Practice, published by the European Society of Cardiology. Below is a link to the article:


In February 2019, a competition for articles on hypertension was announced, one of the sub-topics being hypertension and media. I wrote to the publisher a plan for the article, which was accepted. I rolled up my sleeves and wrote the article :)

Nie samym pisaniem po angielsku dziennikarz żyje. Jestem także konsultantem medycznym portalu www.poradnikzdrowie.pl oraz prasy wysokonakładowej, współpracuję z następującymi tygodnikami:

Chwila dla Ciebie - naklad 366 328 egz.

Dobry Tydzień - nakład 235 776 egz

Życie na Gorąco nakład 629 068 egz.

100 rad nakład 347 117 egz,

łączny nakład tygodnowy wynosi 1 578 284 egz., a miesięczny 6 313 156 egz.

@mimax2 /Krystyna Knypl, M.D., Ph.D.

Gazeta dla Lekarzy (GdL), editor-in-chief & publisher

specialisft of European Society of Hypertension


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