29/06/2020. She was a champion of the best theories :)

by Krystyna Knypl June. 29, 2020 198 views

Professor Jolanta Chodakowska M.D., Ph.D., ( 1936 -2020) was an excellent teacher of young doctors, a wonderful colleague, a person with a remarkable sense of humor.

She was single in her private life. After examining her patients, she used to sit in the doctor's room and make a famous statement from time to time:

-Do any of you want to hear my advice on parenting children and marital misunderstandings? I have the best theories about it, not affected by the practice :)

# 1 \Prof.Jolanta Chodakowska ( drawed by Katarzyna Kowalska)

# 1 \Prof.Jolanta Chodakowska ( drawed by Katarzyna Kowalska)

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