22/03/2021. Hasło dnia: wkrętak krzyżakowy / Password of the day: crosshead screwdriver

by Krystyna Knypl March. 22, 2021 440 views

Kontynuuję moją podróż świata mężczyzn..., więcej pod linkiem


Ileż w nim dziwnych przedmiotów, o których istnieniu nie wiedzą kobiety, nawet te najbardziej wyzwolone, biseksualnie wykształcone, nie dość tego z wiertarką w dłoni poruszające się tak szybko, że nikt ich nie dogoni! Idę o każdy zakład, że źadna kobieta miała do czynienia wkrętakiem krzyżakowym, a ja TAK!!!.

Świat mężczyzn to świat sukcesów i krocząc odważnie w tym nowym dla mnie świecie zgłosiłam dziś wydawaną przez mnie Gazetę dla Lekarzy do "Global Campaign to Combat Ageism" organizowaną przez WHO


Poniżej moje zgłoszenie Gazety dla Lekarzy



I continue my journey through the world of men , more https://www.photoblog.com/mimax2/2021/03/21/21032021-an-old-ladys-journey-into-the-world-of-men/

How many strange objects there are that women do not know exist, even the most liberated, bisexual educated ones with a drill in their hands that move so fast that no one can catch up with them ;)

The world of men is a world of success and walking boldly in this new world for me I have today submitted to the "Global Campaign to Combat Ageism" organized by WHO


Here is my Gazeta dla Lekarzy submission to the WHO campaign:

A. The vision, mission, and objectives of the entity

Gazeta dla Lekarzy (GdL) is registered in The District Court in Warsaw, on February 28, 2012 r. in the Register of Newspapers and Magazines (pos. PR17864). GdL is created by medical doctors and members of their families. The publisher & editor-in chief of Gazeta dla Lekarzy is Krystyna Knypl, Ph.D. (76 y/o) and managing editor is Mieczysław Knypl, MSc. (71 y/o)

Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is not associated with any political organization, religious, social movement or medical self-government. GdL is NGO acting for better healthcare for all citizens. The primary objective of “Gazeta dla Lekarzy” is promoting issues important for public health: progress in medicine, health promotion, healthy aging and knowledge about rare diseases. We publish articles about healthy aging, and our manifesto is the article by Krystyna Knypl entitled "Is a woman of a "certain age" STILL interested in sex?"


B. Please provide a description of your entity including details on what the entity is doing to combat ageism (250 words)

Titus Livius (around 59 BC - 17 AD) a Roman historian said "Verba docent, exempla trahunt" or "Words teach, examples attract". We put this wise saying into practice by writing about healthy aging and by setting a personal example that it is possible. Our team consists of people who successfully pursue the so-called second career. The editor-in-chief and her deputy are both physicians who, at the age of 60, began working as journalists, achieving professional success in the number of published articles and books.

An example is the book by Krystyna Knypl "Journalist's Duck".


describing the details of the second career. Another example is the photoblog Modne Diagnozy run by her since 2007 on which she published 5100 posts containing 16 500 photos taken by her, which were commented 11 000 times and visited 12 200 000 times.

https://www.photoblog.com/mimax2/profile/ And last but not least Krystyna Knypl for 5 years is Sermo community columnist (www.sermo.com), the biggest community forum for 800 000 doctors from 150 countries.

Our latest project is the section Medicine Based on Memories (https://gazeta-dla-lekarzy.com/index.php/medycyna-oparta-na-wspomnieniach )in which we describe the achievements of doctors, many of whom are seniors with interesting life stories and significant contributions to both Polish and global medicine.

Wish us good luck!

@mimax2/Krystyna Knypl

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