12/04/2021. The suitcase that has visited the world

by Krystyna Knypl April. 12, 2021 116 views

In 1989, while preparing for a postgraduate course that took place in Tunisia (Hammamet), I decided to refresh not only my apparels but also to buy a new suitcase. I chose a green suitcase, which was stunning but, as it happens with elegant equipment, also expensive. After some consideration, I spent 1500 PLN (330 euro) for this suitcase...

# 1 Green suitcase in Nice, France

# 1 Green suitcase in Nice, France

Vacations in Nice

# 2 Green suicase in Oran, Algeria

# 2 Green suicase in Oran, Algeria

The suitcase went with me to Tunis, Heraklion (Crete), then to Nice, Paris and a few other cities. In the second stage of its international career suitcase traveled to Algiers, Oran, Dakar...

#3 Green suicase has arrived to Warsaw, Poland

#3 Green suicase has arrived to Warsaw, Poland

It is reliable, has great wheels and locks, and can be driven nicely, which already makes the third generation of suitcase co-owners. Sometimes it serves as a cool vehicle that you can jump on and call out,

"Wio walizko, a jak się postarasz do Dakaru zajedziemy akurat!""

Giddyup, suitcase, and if you do your best, we'll get to Dakar right away!"

@mimax2 / Krystyna Knypl

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Piotr Buraczewski 1 month ago

Fajny wpis. Nie mam ulubionej walizki, ani plecaka. Właściwie to staram się nie przywiązywać do klamotów, które biorę ze sobą. Kiedyś miałem ukochane t-shirty, które zježdziły ze mną świat, ale wydarły się wszystkie.

1 month ago Edited
Olga Helys 1 month ago

So sweet memories!
Stay safe

1 month ago Edited
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